Meet Ellen Meredith

“You have asked to know us, and so we are here.”

With these words, in 1978, Ellen's world cracked open.  Her beloved – but dead – grandmother appeared in her mind's eye with an invitation to open to inner guidance and training, offered by seven groups of inner teachers that Ellen came to call her Councils.

Though this was definitely an unexpected twist in her plot, Ellen embraced the opportunity to dive deeper and learn.  Dialogues with her Councils led her into a rich experiential curriculum, exploring a wide range of topics, including sensing subtle energies, what it means to embody spirit, healing, and the language of energy.

It is a training that continues to this day.  And along the way, Ellen has worked with over 10,000 clients and students worldwide, helping them to hear their own inner truth, activate healing, and cultivate awareness and well-being.

Ellen's down to earth, yet inspiring work centers on helping you:

  • tap into your inner guidance
  • recognize your unique gifts and nature
  • learn self-healing
  • cultivate well-being

In addition to her adventures in the inner realms, Ellen holds a Doctor of Arts in Writing, worked internationally in advocacy work on behalf of children and families living in poverty, and served on the Certification Program faculty of energy medicine pioneer Donna Eden.  Ellen lives in San Rafael, California.

Healer and Energy Medicine Practitioner: Your body knows how to heal, through dialogue with your mind and spirit.  Ellen supports clients to engage with the body’s energies and use energy medicine to activate healing.  Ellen offers energy medicine sessions and self-healing coaching in person, and via phone, Skype, and Zoom. Learn More

Teacher and Coach: "Ellen a master in her field. Her workshops are the perfect combination of theory and practicum. Ellen then adds her healthy sprinkle of wit and wisdom… a perfect recipe for connecting with the Divine!"  — FB, San Diego   

Ellen teaches live classes and workshops, and offers on-line coaching for individuals and groups. Learn more   

In addition, she offers a whole array of classes on DVD, also available through streaming. DVD titles include:

Energy Fluency: (5-DVD set) a baseline course in using Energy Medicine to dialogue with the body's wisdom
Energy Chiro: (5-DVD set) an illuminating exploration of Energy Medicine for deep structural support and muscular-skeletal wellness
Gatekeeper: Energy Medicine for the Immune System and Energetic Reactivity: (4-DVD set) energy work that promotes profound shifts for clients and practitioners alike
Storyline Track and Balance: Clearing Energy Habits Where They Live (4 DVD set) a magical journey for both the practitioner and client of complementary healing
Energy Wisdom: Energy Medicine as a Wisdom Practice (5 DVD set) exciting frameworks and tools to ground and expand energy medicine practice with deeper purpose
Intuition and Practitioner's Mind: (2 DVD set) creative methods for opening to intuition and developing artistry in energy medicine
Healing Spaces: Energy Medicine for Deep Healing (5 DVD set) multi-dimensional exploration of rich places within the body to initiate deep and effective healing

  Learn more about Ellen's DVDs.

Conscious Channel: Ellen tunes into the inner teachers connected with you and speaks for them.  She offers channeled readings and energy medicine consultations in person, and via phone, Skype, and Zoom. Learn More

Author: Ellen’s latest 2020 and 2022 books, The Language Your Body Speaks and Your Body Will Show You the Way offer a unique approach to self-healing and original energy medicine techniques.  Donna Eden has called these books “Masterful…A breath of fresh air”. Ellen’s classic channeled book, Listening In: Dialogues with the Wiser Self (1993) has stood the test of time and is still vibrant and relevant today.  Her audiobook: In Search of Radiance continues that journey.  Learn more 

Ellen offers individual consultations in person, via phone, Skype, or Zoom.
Contact her via email to inquire about appointments.