A GREAT Energy Medicine class on DVD! 10 hours of instruction

A magical exploration of Energy Medicine, offering tools for communicating more easily with the body's energies, and for awakening your intuition.

This two-day course is for practitioners and self-healers. It guides you through how to figure out which energy medicine tools will accomplish what is needed in a given moment. It helps you develop your own tools, and deepen understanding of Eden Energy Medicine work.

With lively presentation and thought-provoking discussions, this course is a must-see for complementary medicine practitioners who want to communicate more fluently with the body's energies.

Order your 5-DVD set for $125 plus shipping & handling ($5 US; $12 International).


Purchase a Digital Download version (PDF and Vidoe files) for $125.

What people are saying about Energy Fluency!

"Ellen is a gifted healer and teacher and approaches energy medicine from a divine perspective. I was honored to attend her Energy Fluency workshop and felt fundamentally shifted afterwards. Her teachings have also given me a new perspective for my own practice."
— Cristina Bornstein, EEM-CP, Reiki Master, Author

"I've been studying energy work for quite a few years. This class really helped me weave together what I've been learning. I came away with a better sense of… what my healing work is about for self and others… .In fact using some of the new techniques I learned, I was able to get through to a client who has been all but untestable for months.We make new breakthroughs every week now. Ellen's style is open, empowering, based on unconditional acceptance. Yet there's a rigor and precision as well. For me the experience was life changing; I'd recommend it to anyone."
— V.G., New York City